john england
Male, 34 years old

John England is 34 years old. He lives in Clemson, South Carolina. He has attended Clemson University and Thomas Sumter Academy. His favorite bands are Rancid, Journey, Buckcherry, Rocking Out, The Streets, Pink Floyd, The Roots, Citizen Cope, Miles Davis, The Stones, Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, Damien Rice, Virginia Coalition and Led Zeppelin. John loves watching Entourage, Travel Channel and The Wonder Years. His favorite films are Blow, Godfather, Platoon, Bullitt, Collateral, Almost Famous, Monkey Business, Chasing Amy, American Psycho, Wall Street, Top Gun, Reservoir Dogs, Annie Hall, Easy Rider, Less Than Zero, Rules Of Attraction, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Rebel Without A Cause, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, The Doors and The Killers. John is an avid customer of Red Wine and Jack Daniels.