john bell
Male, 57 years old

I design new ways of marketing and put them into practice. Most recently, I joined Travelers to drive Enterprise Digital Marketing. We have a different view about how effective, creative and business-driving marketing and communications will be done in the future. It starts by putting social and data-driven content at the heart of marketing. We have a broad view of digital and how it will change our business. We are paying attention to how consumers, business customers and agents increasingly rely on digital and social behaviors to get things done. We design to serve these needs and anticipate whats next. Before Travelers, I developed and grew Ogilvy's Social@Ogilvy team from an idea to a global social solutions business. From developing the initial IP that drives our expertise in Content, Community and Influencer Engagement to inventing a practice that spans all parts of the Ogilvy Mather group, I have worked hard to transform our business into a social and digital enterprise. This role blends my strengths and passions Digital pioneer yes, I can say that with a straight face mostly cause I am that old and have done many firsts. Like the first interactive TV trial with ATT and Viacom (okay, one of the firsts but you get the idea), the first social network for school-to-home (HiFusion), the first digital influence group at Ogilvy and the first completely integrated social media and digital practice across all of Ogilvy Mather. Creative Director - I have been immersed in how to integrate brands across mediums and how to tell stories and engage audiences (Ogilvy and Discovery). I am obsessed with creating and delivering great work not just ambitious plans. As a writer and speaker, I have been sharing my experience developing digital and social strategy and solutions across the world for leading brands. I have been writing and publishing my own blog, The Digital Influence Mapping Project, since . Specialties brand marketing and communications, digital strategy, marketing strategy, communications strategy, user experience design, creative direction, copywriting, social media marketing and communications, design.