jo dodds
Female, 48 years old

As a fairly unusual combination of an HR professional with digital skills and knowledge and a specialist interest in social media, I work with companies looking to take advantage of technology and online relationship development in this social world. This could be to improve communication internally, to deliver learning and development, to enable collaboration, to promote the employer brand, to connect employees with customers, for productivity improvements, and the list goes on. Clearly this is about the business need and development of the people, not the technology. That often means that people working with these sorts of projects in mind know what they need to do but may not have the full technical knowledge and understanding to identify, review and decide on the potential tools to use and thats without even thinking about the implementation and actually delivering the planned results And thats where I come in. I also work with HR Professionals looking to use social media to build their profile and personal brand within their organisation and in their business community. My social media marketing work is delivered with my associate partners, e.g. marketing consultants and training consultants. Social media doesn't work in isolation and isn't a strategy in itself. It is one of a range of tools that can be used to achieve business strategy. Working with other consultants ensures that our offering is an integrated approach using our specific expertise. Specialties Social Media HR Human Resources Organisational Development Social Media Speaker Twitter Facebook LinkedIn WordPress Employee communications Customer service Employee collaboration Employee Engagement Blogging Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Business Networking Social Media Marketing