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LiveRail is the leading video advertising technology company providing products and services to Publishers, Networks, DSPs/Trading Desks and Agencies/Advertisers. Together, LiveRail's products facilitate billions of online video transactions on a monthly basis. The end result is better metrics, better insights and zero discrepancy across the video ecosystem. LiveRail for Publishers (LFP) - Robust campaign management and delivery - Multi-platform delivery across Mobile, Online, IPTV and STB - Distributed advertising and rights management - Custom revenue share and allocation reporting - 3rd Party Ad Source optimization LiveRail for Networks (LFN) - Instant VAST/VPAID tag creation - Scalable inventory/site management - Automated Revenue vs Spend reporting - Real-Time Bidding enabled - Exchange Buying platform using proprietary optimization technology LiveRail for Advertisers (LFA) - Instant VAST/VPAID tag creation - Scalable inventory/site management - Robust and granular metrics reporting - No wasted impressions - full control over domain allow/block lists - Integrated audience and data solutions - Impression by impression verification - Full service and support LiveRail Central Supply Side Platform (LRC) - Unparalleled access to 30+ demand partners - Ongoing yield management and inventory advocacy - Controlled Channel Conflict management - Consolidated financial accounting, invoicing and payment - Branded channels and private exchanges Specialties New Business Development, Corporate Development, Product, Process, Emerging Spaces and Technologies, Digital Media, Technology Partnerships