jim huffman
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Jim Huffman is a teacher, a husband, a father, and a constitutional expert, but mostly, he is just like you: an everyday citizen frustrated by a disconnected political class that has stopped listening to the people. Jim has been a teacher at Lewis & Clark Law School since 1973. He became Acting Dean in 1993, and Dean in 1994; a position he held until 2006. During his 13 years leading the $20 million/year private enterprise, Jim adhered to a basic economic principle that has escaped our representatives in Washington, D.C.: expenses cannot exceed revenues. Jim grew up in Montana. Both of his parents grew up on hardscrabble farms in Montana, and Jim worked on one of those farms as a young man and witnessed the struggles and pleasures of making a living from the land. He pulled green chain in a saw mill, built mountain trails, and worked on construction crews. He grew up with an appreciation for hard physical labor and the people who do it. Jim earned his Bachelors degree from Montana State University, a Masters from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and his Law degree from the University of Chicago Law School. Over his career, Jim has developed a long and distinguished record of published works, board memberships and professional affiliations. He has been married to his wife Leslie since 1994. Their family includes three school aged children, two older children and their black lab, Lila.