jessica waters
Female, 29 years old

As a professional organizer at In Perfect Order: Imagine what it would be like to arrange your environment so that is in service to you, rather than the reverse. The process of decluttering can challenge you to look at the belief systems that underlie your habits. You don’t have to feel like a victim anymore. You can create an energy of unstoppable forward motion by asking yourself in every minute you act, in every dollar you spend, with every object you keep in your space, “is this in service to my true goals?” I have engaged and energetic, resourceful team of people that will transform your home or garage from chaos to harmony in a matter of hours. For more information, please visit my website: As a Business Assistant: For those who don’t need full time help, hiring a business assistant is like having an office manager who works on an as-needed basis. We can make and field your phone calls, write letters, enter data, remind you of appointments, create blog entries, make travel arrangements (we are the queens of deals!), do research on the internet for pricing or resources, deal with the details of your workshop registration, keep your QuickBooks entries up to date, send out invoices, and more. I have access to a fantastic database of resource people in internet marketing, computer glitch repair and laptop purchasing, marketing and design I have fax, email, IM, Skype, wireless internet and phone capabilities I am fast, efficient, reliable and fun to work with. As a licensed spiritual healer at The Healing Vibration: I use the therapeutic power of essential oils to enhance my hands-on healing and anointing, and I work with sea shells and tuning forks as well. Specialties business assisting for social media and internet marketing, lifestyle management coaching, professional organizing in Los Angeles, Northampton, MA, Franklin County, MA and nationwide, professional organizer speaker, raindrop technique, essential oils consultant.