jennifer frey
Female, 31 years old

For business related inquires ONLY, please send me an email Makeupmedic@gmail.comFaceBook Page My Favorite Brushes Here!! Roxy (Dachshund) in NYHarley ( Kitty) in NYand Newest Addition.......Cooper(Aussie)#1 Fav Clothing Store : ForEver21#1 Fav Makeup Brand : MACBooks: TWILIGHT SAGA ...OVER AND OVER AGAIN .....REREADING NEW MOON FOR THE UPCOMING MOVIE!!!& James PattersonMovie: TWILIGHT, thats all i can think of right now....mmmmm EdwardShows OMG Sept My Shows Are Alll Back!!!Gossip GirlOne Tree Hill90210 Also True Blood, Dexter, and Khloe and Kourtney in Miami (lovin the KKs)A Few Things Bout MwaIve loved makeup since i was a little girl, sitting at my moms vanity putting on her makeup when she wasn't looking.This passion continued on through my teenage years, but never went through w/ anything cause i was told its a waste of time. But that all changed. i found out about YT and saw that other people were doing what they love Y not me.....My Bf mama saw how determined i was to do this so for X Mas she bought me my first MAC HAUL!!!! and ever since then i was hooked!!!!Im not the college type went for a year and did well but wanted to learn makeup.. I never thought it was going to happen until i had someone tell me i could do it, and that he was my number 1 fan, and thats my BF Josh.. He made me what i am today and gave me the courage to do what ever my dreams told me to do ..and i love him for that ...Makeup is my life, my dream, and my passion!!!!!So im here to spread that on to all of you and give you a few tips and trick along the way!!!!!If there are any other questions you want to know please feel free to ask me!!!