jeffery golenski
Male, 72 years old

From - Jeff worked as an independent contractor for numerous design and development firms in Southeastern New England. Midway through he joined the team at Rhode Island's nd fastest growing private company, Astonish. As Senior Designer at Slocum Design Studio, Jeff oversaw and contributed to various aspects of design including identity design, print design, and web interface design (just to name a few). He also contributed as a front-end web developer at Schwadesign, Inc., working toward creating the perfect link between design and functionality within websites using the latest web standards and techniques. Jeff has worked with many non-profit organizations along with small large businesses in the United States to create a professional image that communicates a unique message and purpose. Due to his continuous pursuit for knowledge, organizational skills fervent attention to detail, his professional status as a web interface designer front-end developer began while he was only in high school. In , he acquired a board of directors position as the the Technology Chair on AIGA Rhode Island, the professional association for design. That same year he co-founded the AIGA Student Chapter at Johnson Wales University, where he contributed as the communications chair. Jeff graduated Summa Cum Laude with an AS in web development BS in design digital media from Johnson Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Born a digital native, Jeff is on the front-line in terms of design and development strategies. His career is also his passion, so when hes not working late nights, hes researching to improve workflow and techniques. Jeff can also be found gaining perspective through his camera lens throughout the Massachusetts South Coast, bowling in a league with retired servicemen, and rocking a stylish Fedora.