jeff clark
Male, 36 years old

This is Jeff Clark. Yes, the REAL Jeff Clark. Growing up in Oklahoma, Jeff’s dream was to become the owner of a boutique fish sandwich shop. Shortly after opening, McDonald’s announced the Filet-o-Fish, ruining his chances at southern seafood supremacy. He attended Oklahoma State University but left his family, beloved car “Aubrey” and facial hair behind to follow his dreams in the big city of Boston. Jeff doesn’t move his legs when he dances, has worked at Disney World and will only eat meatloaf if it’s been prepared by his grandmother. His blender was broken by Jason Mraz backstage at a concert. Living a life on the edge of folk lore, he is often credited with inventing the moon, potato chips, and those plastic things at the end of shoelaces. He has never visited Vermont and never plans to.He created lookit! and thinks you should click that link and play.,Who doesn't love nachos?,