jamie sabot
Female, 35 years old

Soap Maker. Paper Artist. Animal Lover. In Love. Mommy to 3 dogs and a turtle. Tim Burton Fan. Photographer. Star Gazer. Halloween Obsessed.,Batty's Bath is a bath, body, and soap company from London, Ontario, Canada! With a goal of providing eco-friendly products, Batty's Bath is based on a love for pampering affordable luxuries and the belief that simple pleasure is found in the little things in life. Little things such as handcrafted bath & body products that are made from natural, skin loving ingredients and are actually good for your skin and the environment. Batty's Bath is dedicated to going the extra mile and takes every detail into account from fair-trade natural ingredients, recycled & repurposed packaging, sustainable business practices, and creating products from scratch using old world soap making practices that were used for centuries and passed down from generation to generation. Embracing this old world charm reminds us that products made with love by someone who cares really does make the difference!