james johnston
Male, 40 years old

I am a Web Designer SEO IT consultant from Dallas, Texas who loves technology and the internet. If I am not working on a web project you can find me working in the garden or restoring my old truck. I having been interested in web design for almost ten years. After taking an intro to web design class as a required course for one of my tech degrees, I was hooked. Since then, I have been playing with HTML and CSS mostly as a hobby for almost five years. About two years ago I decided I wanted to learn more about web design and I started taking more classes. I now run Evolutionary Designs as way to learn more about online marketing and share more about new media. I started working with web design almost ten years ago mostly as a hobby. Then about about four years ago I realized how much I enjoyed web design and I decided to make a career change. So I went back to school only taking a few classes here and there so I could keep working. About two years ago my technical research position was restructured and I was laid-off. After the lay off and spending several months looking for jobs and couldn't find any, I took up a job as the Director of Sales and Web Design for a small company where I did everything from marketing to hiring contractors to complete design projects I did not have the knowledge to complete or just needed some extra help on a large project. This job was perfect for me. The owner pretty much told do what I wanted, work as much as you want or work little as you want. So I took this opportunity to spend more time at school, I took up a part time job and started out with one or two web clients Some of my hobbies include graphic design, photography, and technology. I spend most of my free time working on my freelance website and working as an SEO and Social Media consultant for my personal company. When I am not working on my site and I am out and about, you can usually find me with a camera in my hand shooting something. Specialties I have a degree in corporate training specializing in technology and new media. I have worked as a research analyst and IT customer support. My specialties include technical research, web design, photo retouching, WordPress, SEO. social media, basic video editing with Final Cut and After Effects. I also provide services in virus removal, hardware repairs and upgrades.