james caruso
Male, 62 years old

Mr. Caruso is an executive manager of marketing, sales, and functional areas with a global record of achievement identifying key decision-makers, and leading multi-national teams to sales and partnerships in new media, telecommunications, and computing. He successfully conceived, structured, and won complex, profitable deals of greater than million. His PR firm, MediaFirst, establishes market awareness and venture positioning that leads clients to success and profitable exit via merger, acquisition, or IPO. He promoted and sold to hot tech companies, such as Aether (IPO), InterVu (acquired by Akamai), Eircom (IPO), Extreme Logic (acquired by HP), Gideon Technologies (acquired by Symantec), LeanLogistics (acquired), Merlot Communications (venture funded), iMedeon (venture funded by Aether GE), Libit (acquired by TI), Optiant (acquired by Logility, PowerTV (acquired by Scientific-Atlanta), and FaxNet (acquired). He managed direct sales and alliance partnerships that won deals across the global telecommunications industry in Australia, Belgium, China, Finland, France, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Sweden, and Thailand. He is an effective technology evangelist to worldwide audiences of executive and functional managers in telecom, finance, engineering, IT, and marketing. Experience in development and go-to-market strategy make him effective in the project and product development life cycle and release to market on time at target cost. Wins customer loyalty through effective listening and broad technical knowledge. Communicates value propositions phrased in the authentic terminology and language of the audience. Establishes effective relationships at all levels of an organization. Specialties Convergence Telecom (wireline, wireless, Internet, cable), Media, Computing. Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics. Global account and industry sales. Deal structure, margin, legal, and alliances. Managing multi-cultural, multi-national teams. Making you (and company spokespersons, offerings, value proposition, etc.) well-known in a target industry.