jackson gibbs

I'm a software engineer who thrives on collaborating with other smart, engaged folks to solve interesting problems. I take pride in my work. I believe it's impossible to stand still - the alternative to a continuous process of learning, questioning and building is decay. I love working with people who have knowledge to share or skills to learn from. On the other hand, I'm always happy to be the first one on the team to learn something new ... I really enjoy the challenge of turning a stack of books and a weekend into a new feature next week (or more efficient practice, or a new tool ...). On the other hand, I'm also an experienced mentor in my areas of expertise. The time I've spent on teams using agile methodologies has left me with a keen interest in finding pragmatic ways to deliver optimal business value while maintaining solid engineering practices. Not that I'm a methodology zealot - if anything, I've learned that honest, articulate communication and the extension of a little empathy and trust works regardless of the methodology. Specialties 9 years Java experience, Java/C++/JNI, Recommendation Technology R&D, 1 year Perl Development, Google App Engine Development, Ruby on Rails. Expert in scripting Python, Shell, etc. The usual alphabet soup: AJAX, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, XML .... Three years successfully implementing and leading agile development teams - mostly using Scrum. Comfortable in any any OS, with 8+ years of daily dev work on a wide variety of platforms including Linux, Solaris, Windows, HPUX, AIX, Irix, etc.