huma rashid

Huma Rashid is all of the following things in no particular order: * a law student not gripped with self-loathing, amazingly enough * a blogger with different niches (law blog, fiction/writing blog, personal, archived writing samples) * a native Beantown girl living in Chi-city (translation: born and semi-raised in Boston, currently living in Chicago) * a fan of the ultra-obscure BBC comedy from the 1980s, Black Adder * a social media addict * a root beer connoisseur * a postmodernist (it’s true) * a liberal Republican who describes herself as a conservative Democrat (that’s a joke, by the way :-P ) * a fast talker * a faster typist * a BritLit nerd, Oscar Wilde enthusiast * a self-taught digital-somewhat-designer (read: it’s a hobby I’m pretty good at) * bespectacled * short (5? 1/2?) The titles of her pictures come from Arab and Urdu poets, usually Rumi or Ghalib.