hernan charry
41 years old

--------------------My mission-------------------- To simplify your business life and explode your sales. After years of getting to know successful entrepreneurs, I realized they know something most businesses don't. They understand the power of automating processes and building systems that allow them to work smarter, not harder. At Split One, I found a company that provides that kind of solution. Through the power of digital technology and common sense, we've built inventory control systems, lead generation systems, marketing plans, and management systems, as well as hundreds of easy to use websites. Most of our clients have a sales person or receptionist running their online presence. Our clients successfully increase their sales thus putting more money in their pocket, while saving thousands of dollars a year in salary costs and making their existing staff more productive - leading to a further increase in revenue. In short, our service pays for itself. I can say all this with confidence, because I was a client of Split One before I joined the team. Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation. --IDEA. --------------------My background-------------------- Much of my career was spent learning - then teaching - others how to be smart with money, make wise investment decisions, and find money for their businesses. Having worked with over one thousand businesses in my career, would you like to know what I learned ) Having your own business is the best path to success in this country. Investing is simply giving your money to someone else's business. Why not invest in yourself ) The internet provides the greatest opportunities for leveraging yourself to lasting success (Don't worry, it's not too late to get involved --- the internet is still in its infancy.) So if you'd like to know more, feel free to give me a call, or if you are in the Phoenix area, join one of my internet marketing clubs. I look forward to meeting you. Specialties Internet marketing, ecommerce, business development, offline and online marketing strategies and consulting, automated marketing, branding, social media training, social networking, and making connections, website development, website consulting, CSS, PHP, MySQL, SEO.