heather henderson
Female, 45 years old

I am an Atheist who OPENLY asks questions about religion in order to start a desperately needed conversation between believers and non-believers.I welcome anyone of any religion or non-theistic view to debate.I've been shaving my head since I was . I do it simply because I like it that way. I do not have any shaving or hair cutting fetishes, although I encourage others who enjoy it, to also enjoy my head.If for any reason you are offended by my page I ask you to block or delete me NOW.AtheistThe definition of an atheist is simply one who does not believe in any type of god. That's it. Atheism is not a belief system with rituals and dogmas, nor do we hate god. We do not believe in god, so how can we hate it Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about atheism by posting questions on my page or you can send me a private email, if you prefer.

Alternative Names:

heath henderson

heather a jones