harris schachter

I'm a results-driven digital marketer with a proven track record for companies ranging from Fortune s to mom-and-pop establishments. I hold a Master's in Internet Marketing, and have experience as an in-house specialist, agency team member, and private consultant. In short, I live on the bleeding edge of internet marketing strategy and technology through constant testing and experimentation. My core goals are to maximize budgets and improve the bottom line through customer experience and digital asset optimization. I am adept at coupling demographic and psychographic research with web analytics and market research to develop highly targeted digital strategies for any E-commerce business. I strive to bring data into a usable and communicable format to better understand customer acquisition flows. I am a hybrid marketer with skills in all areas of digital marketing able to develop, implement, measure and refine effective marketing mixes. Most often these consist of organic and paid search, social media, UX, IA, and conversion optimization. With a combined Psychology and Internet Marketing education, my interests lie in understanding the need states of prospects and customers in order to provide optimal online experiences. I publish content on my personal site (httpoptimizepri.me) and own the Full Sail Internet Marketing Group here on LinkedIn.