grant robertson
Male, 42 years old

I have worked in almost every area of the tech sector -- from IT flunky to senior software engineer. In between those two bookends, I've put forth strong performances as consultant, enterprise pre-sales, technical writer, project manager, DBA, data modeler, application tuner, release engineer, release manager, and more. I've managed enterprise scale software releases across multiple platforms (Solaris, Hp-UX, Linux) and worked with enterprise vendors (TIBCO, Amdocs, EMC, HP, Quest) to co-ordinate ISV software updates and application changes. My favorite language to work with is Php, and I've been actively using Php since . I'm also fluent in Perl. I have a long record of experience with Java, TCL, C, VB, Python, JavaScript, and various shell scripting languages. I'm familiar with many application frameworks and libraries. I've been working with relational databases for more than a decade. Oracle is a strong point for me, both from an application development perspective as well as from the DBA side. I've worked as a development DBA, and worked along side Oracle DBAs in enterprise environments to manage application performance as an ISV. I also have a very strong background in MySQL (more than a decade), and have worked with DB, MSSQL and Postgres. I'm proficient with the Quest family of database tools (Navigator, TOAD) as well as CA's Erwin. I have experience both professionally and passionately with User Interface Design and User Experience Enhancement. I have recently completed full UIUX development and graphic design on an enterprise market product. UIUX is something I've grown particularly passionate about in the last years. Specialties LinuxUnix, Software Development, Technical Management, networks and wireless communications, graphic design, application design, data modeling, invaluable problem solver and troubleshooter, planning and implementation, motivation