gary chartier
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I?m Associate Professor of Law and Business Ethics at La Sierra University and a left-wing market anarchist. I take anarchism to be the project of doing without the state. I?d prefer a stateless society in which people enjoyed property rights and were free to structure relationships through exchange. But, under anarchy, different communities could reasonably implement different property rules and a community's courts could rightly enforce rights some market anarchists might want upheld in other ways. Privation could be significantly reduced in stateless societies, but I believe such societies could and should organize income security and poverty relief systems.I call myself a leftist because I support inclusion and oppose subordination, deprivation, and aggressive and preventive war. I?m happy to identify as both, in something like the sense suggested by Benjamin Tucker, a socialist and a libertarian.Cambridge just published my second book, Economic Justice and Natural Law. Next: The Conscience of an Anarchist and Anarchy under Law.