frank garcia

I am a project manager with twenty years of experience in management, marketing and production at companies like Apple, NeXT, Visa, PTVI and Univision. Over the course of my career I’ve successfully executed technical and creative projects of varying scale and complexity utilizing different project management methodologies including Agile and LPM. This has given me a strong set of skills in needs assessment and analysis, problem-solving, strategic planning, design of complex solutions, implementation, Organizational change management, collaboration, business process improvement and much more. I’ve been fortunate to work with many people from different backgrounds and perspectives and with very different skills which has greatly contributed to my effectiveness as a leader, communicator and facilitator. Today I am a seasoned professional who can deliver results. Specialties (please see my interactive project management summary at Leading cross functional teams Managing complex projects from conception to completion Creative problem solving Business process improvement Skills and Expertise: • Enterprise Content Management • Digital Asset Management • Creative Collaboration • Media Workflow • Business Process Improvement • Project Management • Digital Photography • Bilingual in English/Spanish