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I have a strong passion for digital advertising and organizing web content in a way that creates a great user experience. I understand the mechanics of how websites work, and I have a knack for translating the benefits of these features into layman’s terms to advertisers, management and the sales staff. eMarketing combined with having input into user experience is where I really thrive. This includes identifying profitable trends, evaluating vendors, making recommendations based on our current capabilities, implementing, setting price points and then reaching revenue goals for the campaigns. Specialties Display advertising including behavior targeting and geo-targeting, rich media, pay-per-click models, e-mail platforms, text messaging campaigns, video, contest sponsorship and social media. Evaluating ROI on SEO, SEM and display advertising campaigns as well as evaluating a company's reach with their social media strategy. I'm clumsy, so I have a knack for making fun of myself and getting others to laugh.