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Ive always had a deep passion for marketing and communications. That passion has served as my guiding star as Ive navigated through each phase of my career. Though I have many years of experience, I purposefully approach each project with a beginners mind. In other words, I dont profess to have all the answers and Im wary of those who think they do. James Thurber was right when he said, It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers. Granted, I understand marketing and communications from many perspectives. With a masters degree in marketing, Ive studied it extensively. I have also taught marketing at one of the regions most respected universities. As a lifelong learner, I eagerly participate in the social media revolution, embracing the reality that the rules for communications success have been completely rewritten. As much as I love marketing, I always regard it as a means to an end. Too many people think raising awareness is the end objective of communications. Not me. Too many people get bogged down in marketing tactics without tying their activities to higher strategies. Not me. Too many marketers obsess on measuring process rather than on creating impact. Not me. I believe marketing and communications should be used as tools to help an organization ) create competitive advantage, ) build sustained revenues and ) fulfill its unique mission. Through the years, I've led teams that have achieved great success and won impressive victories. Sometimes its tempting to look back on career achievements and to rest upon ones laurels. I prefer, though, to focus on the present, knowing that everything in my past has prepared me to meet the great challenges Ill face today. That makes today the best day of my life, at least so far. Yet I'm eager for tomorrow to arrive because I truly believe my best days are yet to come . Specialties marketing, communications, strategy, business development, social media, strategic planning, nonprofit management, strategic communications, branding, public relations, public affairs, digital photography, marketing education, mentoring, coaching, consulting, team building, business writing, editing, blogging.