diane siefkes

dkSolutions can help your business navigate the way through the social media jungle. I'm not a button downed suit but a friend to give you peace of mind. There is a lot of info out there on what you "should be" doing but not all of it is right (or even makes sense). Whether you need some help deciding your marketing strategy or have already dived in and need some feedback, I can help. Want a review of your LinkedIn profile or Company Page Like some insight on your Facebook or Twitter accounts I can review one or all of these and provide you with solid recommendations to get more out of the time you spend online. I can also help you craft a social media policy for your specific business. I'm partnering with Constant Contact to provide workshops and assist business with their specific email marketing needs. This allows me the best of both worlds - sharing my knowledge AND helping people be successful in the world of online marketing. My postivity and adaptability are my two greatest strengths. That doesn't make me a "pollyanna" it makes me a positive influence on teams and people around me. Every situation can be an opportunity for growth and quite frequently a call to action. I ask whats next or what can we do now Each decision leads to the next decision. These characteristics will play a vital role in my endeavors to help small business with their online marketing needs. From StrengthsFinder Adaptability, Positivity, Includer, Woo and Input (Activator and Ideation). From StandOut Stimulator and Influencer Specialties Continuing Education HootSuite Certified Specialist, November The Social Media Marketing Conference, January FranklinCovey Habits of Highly Effective People, May Certified Real Colors Facilitator, April Bob Pike Train the Trainer, Southeast Community College, October Creating Web Pages, Southeast Community College, EdGo, September