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Nephew of film director, Don Siegel, Derek started as an actor, starring in film and TV projects. He's a best-selling author, speaker, produced screenwriter, founder of Scriptwriter Central, a top writing resource, and Enlightened Entertainer, advancing the evolution of media. As a consultant, he has helped people around the world develop books, scripts, and TV shows. He?s been a staff writer for Fox, Disney, written scripts for Universal, Miramax, Sony, New Line, RKO, UA, MPCA, many indy producers, and co-wrote/starred in the longest running drama in L.A. history, ?Welcome Home Soldier?. He has sold or been hired to write over 20 scripts, a dozen hours of TV, and many books, including the #1Best-Selling screenwriting book, "I Could?ve Written a Better Movie than That!" and ?There?s No Business Like Soul Business.? He recently wrote the new Beethoven film for Universal, and the sequel to The Long Kiss Goodnight. As a licensed spiritual therapist and speaker, Derek has trained many top Fortune 500 execs and coached thousands of artists, entertainment pros, and people from all backgrounds on how to walk a purpose-driven path, and make a positive contribution.