derek anderson

I'm a web developer, specifically I'm in love with Javascript. I don't think NodeJS can solve the World's problems, but I do really like writing less server and client side code. I got my first paid web gig in '. I've been hooked ever since - I LOVE the internet. At my current gig, I get to work with a HUGE group of talented people, that are both in house and distributed, we are lead by an awesome team of managers - in a true agile world. Utilizing the Kanban, and practicing Kaizen principals living the Developer Operations (DevOps) culture. I'm very fond of code reviews, keeping HTML cruft out of my Javascripts and good CSS. I find git superior to svn. I believe in Compliance for a better world. I live by the kanban (httpsgithub.comcmheiselkardboard). I thrive in organized groups, that require self motivated quick learners I'm heavily motivated by the experience over the wage. I used to do a majority of my programming in .NET, but currently focus a majority of my time on Front-End, Javascript, Node.JS. I work in a DjangoPython shop, so I get to write some of that once in a while too. I prefer Linux as my daily driver. But can found utilizing OSX to the max as well. You can find me on github giving out free code as often as I can. I lurk in forums and share my knowledge when ever possible, I use the ridiculous handle of toxigenicpoem - which something generated for me back in the 's. I very much enjoy LinkedIn groups, I hope you do too, and join in on the discussion and the minds. I've learned a lot my letting my walls down, and trying to remove ego, while having awesome in depth debates. Social Web Is Awesome Thanks to Cox Media Group, I've been profiled by the Birkman Method. This assessment gives me an insight professionally about myself when interacting with others - in a frequent personality conflicting profession such as software development, where people's passions often marry personal interest - the information is indispensable.