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Even though I've been through hell and back, I'm still trying to pick up bits and pieces of my life and trying to start over. I may not ever be truly happy with myself, but I've got my own kind of family and friends who are pretty much my support system. I've had a very large support system my whole life, pretty much from the time I started middle school and then it just kept building. I'm very proud of who I've got, I've previous teachers, a very special principal and her friend who I happen to call my birthday twin who happens to be friends with my last principal I had, she another part of my life. Most students when they leave school they sometimes don't want to look back at what was there and move on. However.... I'm different than that. I've only been by my old middle school at least what two maybe three times, but my High School? I go by there a lot. That place is like another home to me. I sort of bonded with two of my special ed teachers and of course the principal. She's pretty much like my second mom. She's been there for me since 2006, and she's still there for me now. I call her, text her and write her when I can. We're both very busy women, one of us running a whole campus, and the other pretty much a stay at home mom. That's what I consider myself, a stay at home mom. My second oldest sister who I love so freaking much who I do live with works during the week and I watch her three kids. Stormy 10, James 7 and Orion 2. I love them so much even though they are quite a hand full. But no one said it would be easy. But on the plus side, Stormy and James are in school for a few hours each day, while at home it's just Orion and I. Him and I always have fun and it's a never ending game of "where's Mr. Monkey" or my all time favorite one, "where my sippy cup". Yep, but that usually happens when he goes down for his nap or putting him to bed. Otherwise, he's pretty fun to be around. I try to spend time with each kid if they want time with me. However they do have their friends and I totally respect that. Just have to make sure that homework and chores come first or no play time. But yeah, life is okay here on my neck of the woods. Keeping up with three kids with my sister, trying to make sure the house is "almost clean before my sister gets home from work if that possible and also squeeze in a tiny bit of relaxing time. I try to do my very best for someone whose never had kids. Plus I did say to everyone I've always wanted to work with kids some day, now I am, but the best part it's my family, so it'll be good for me. And I'll be very experienced with changing diapers and doing motherly duties. So yep, this is my life and I"m going to try to make the most out of what I've got, I do complain sometimes, that won't change, because I complain, that's who I am, I don't except sometimes, again, that's who I am, but I'm me, and if that's something people can't be friends with or except, not my problem is it? NOPE!

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