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With more than years experience, our primary focus is business-to-business (BB) organizations. We have helped a variety of non-profit and for profit organizations including manufacturing (direct, dealers and representatives), distribution, retail, consumer, biopharmaceutical and professional services. How do we cover so much territory Its relatively simple. All of our clients have diamonds right in their backyards. The problem is those diamonds have become the norm. Consequently these precious gems are walked by, run over and buried deeper with every foot step. As diamond hunters, we unearth incredible facts and develop key messaging to enhance your brand. We help create stories that can be shared with team members, existing customers, as well as prospective buyers stories that generate revenue and positively impact the bottom line. Discover what makes buckaroo unique Results Oriented Innovative Client-Centered Collaborative Partner-Driven Responsive Agile Creative, Efficient, Effective Uncomplicated.