debbie moran

With my background and experience as a Human Resources Generalist, I am all too aware of the changes that have influenced employers over the past few years, as well as those that are facing us in the near future. Today, we are expected to accomplish more, often with less, and generally in a shorter time frame. As an experienced Human Resource professional, I have routinely been faced with such challenges and have a deep understanding of what makes an HR organization work efficiently. In addition to my full scope role as an HR Generalist, I have a particular interest in and talent for the areas of employee recruitment, training and development. The following is a synopsis of my diversified experience: ? Bottom line mentality applied to all HR management endeavors; strive for cost-containment goals and creative on-boarding strategies to reduce overall expenditures. ? Innate ability to creative a collaborative, communicative organization that encourages HR and department heads to address issues in an effort to drive progress and both prevent / resolve issues. ? Exceptional people management skills and ability to lead, motivate and inspire direct reports at all levels of the organization. ? Effectively manage union avoidance strategies and maintain the company's union-free status at multiple business operating sites. ? Track record for implementing standardized competency based performance management tools across the enterprise. ? Champion candidate selection processes to enhance new hire quality, reduced spending and outstanding employee training programs. During my employment history, and with every assignment I have accepted, I have devoted my energies toward being a good steward of available resources. I attribute my ability to improve the human resource function performance of my employer almost immediately to my resourcefulness and creativity. Specialties Hold Senior Professional Human Resource Certificate and Certification in Human Resources Management. Develop and communicate human resources strategies, policies and procedures. Develop, implement and manage human resources programs. Counsel management on human resources practices. Implementation and maintenance of HRIS systems.