david steel
Male, 50 years old

David Steel is one of the nations leading experts on the topic of Sales Motivation. Hes a popular and widely recognized author and motivational speaker who works with businesses and individuals as a sales management consultant, offering insights into hiring, compensation, goals and strategies, and teaching the use of sales management skills to build and maintain highly aggressive sales teams. David teaches that incredible sales management is available to all of us an invisible force that guides and motivates sales teams. When we follow his proven strategies, we are led to sharp increases in sales, less employee turn-over and a sales force focused on selling. He believes we all have the ability to access and develop great talent and achieve long-term goals. David is author of The Care and Feeding of Highly Aggressive Sales People that have been bestseller and changed the way people think about Their Sales Team. His irrepressible speaking style and no-holds-barred blog have helped him create a large following around the world. David is a renowned speaker as well and is consistently rated among the very best speakers by the audiences he addresses. Specialties Managing Hunter Workforce