david rose

Career has spanned retail, manufacturing, construction, transportation, internet and service industries. Particularly versatile and have fulfilled various roles within each of the companies listed below. While the scope of these roles has ranged from Sales Manager and Operations to Purchasing and Marketing, my core expertise and passion is within the area of Technology and client/team relationship management. My teams have developed dozens of unique products, including payment systems (credit and fuel cards), reporting systems, a custom door entry system, cash machine, movies-on-demand, embedded VoIP, automated equipment health checks, GIS tracking devices, Satellite and Cellular communication devices as well as expansive corporate intranet reporting systems. Historically my role has been to assemble the right mixture of technical expertise and coordinate solution sets for the enterprise or for company clients. My strength is in managing relationships and strategy for the customer and for the technical staff. I have focused on software applications, development, and technology trends, but also have a broad knowledge of current challenges in sales, marketing, accounting, supply chain and corporate development.