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Male, 49 years old

GOOGLE RECRUITERS -- Go Away -- Sorry to be rude, but I'm tired of you. If you're contacting me about a position - here's what I'm looking for Between a CTO and Lead position - basically engineering with influence in a startup environment. Looking to work with Python Tornado Django Not interested in Facebook games or iPhone games (no Zynga, Watercooler, etc.) Though fundamentally interested in both as platforms for development. ---- Active software architect, capable of designing and implementing systems from basic LAMP web apps to multi-threaded distributed systems. Ten years engineering management at all levels. Built successful teams to deliver products ranging from large public web services to data warehouse analysis systems.. Innovative and motivated leader founded, directed and sold the first Internet yellow pages directory company. Twenty years software development experience working on Internet security, visual programming, and graphic design applications in a variety of programming environments including assembly language, C, C STL, Perl, Python, PHP and Java. Specialties Software Architecture, System Architecture, Large scale system design. engineering management