david bortman
Male, 68 years old

As far as who I am... that's a mystery that's still unfolding. I can tell you what really stirs me is the depth of beauty, the sense of stillness and natural order of the wilderness. To trek into the mountains and be immersed in the lush forest, with its intense colors and rich scents that connect me to life in a powerful way, just as a genuine smile will from the heart of another person. And I love to share how great it is to be alive with my two teenage boys.? This is why it seems so insane that for twenty years I was a diamond wholesaler and traveled extensively in and out of airports, taxi cabs and hotel rooms. People asked me where I lived and I used to say the Marriott! The pace was two steps beyond crazy and there was little time to connect with anyone. It was definitely not a nurturing lifestyle for me.? I welcome the opportunity to kick-back and develop relationships with friends I have not yet met. I love to share the art and practice of dialogue and invite relationships that are fiercely transparent with compassionate understanding.? If you want to know more, check the details of my personal info on My Web Page, and please always feel welcomed to connect with me.