daniel rafferty
Male, 59 years old

Dr. Daniel Rafferty has over eight years of industrial experience in the area of drug discovery and development, with particular focus on parenteral and intranasal liquid protein formulation. With a PhD in Immunochemistry, Daniel began his career in Nottingham, UK where he performed post doctoral studies in pharmaceutical sciences and vaccine development. He moved to the US and was appointed senior scientist at Parke-Davis where he engaged in the research and development of vaccine adjuvants and novel delivery systems, delivering CMC development/IND submissions to regulatory authorities with his extensive experience in peptide epidermal delivery systems for HIV therapy. Following his tenure at Parke Davis, Daniel has subsequently held senior scientific positions with Sanofi-Pasteur in Pennsylvania before relocating to MedImmune in California. In addition to his R&D functions, Daniel has played a role in the business development and marketing of therapeutics and vaccines, and he has authored white papers describing the formulation, manufacturing and marketing paths for life cycle management of existing therapeutic protein products. Daniel was the recipient of an NIAID Challenge Grant for Pandemic Influenza Research and was appointed to the European Commission Research Directorate as a Grant Proposal Evaluator in 2003. He is a member of both AAPS and a regional committee member of Biolink USA-Ireland and the San Jose-Dublin Sister Committee. He scored in the upper 65th percentile for Facilitation, Commitment to Quality, Customer Service Orientation, Problem Solving and Listening in the AccuVision Workplace Success Skills System. Daniel is a registered USPTO patent agent. Specialties International regulatory requirements for excipients experience. Biotechnology market researcher. Biotechnology white papers author.