daniel boisclair

Before being hired full-time by Ecofish Research, I performed field work, statistical analyses, study design and development, laboratory analyses, research and technical writing duties for various consulting companies, universities and agencies. Field duties included fish sampling (electrofishing, snorkeling and seining) and stream water chemistry, species inventories, site preparation, and planting and seeding of native species on remediation sites in the Columbia basin, East and West Kootenays, and Canadian Rockies. I wrote successful proposal, prepared study designs, participated and managed field work for multi-year fisheries, vegetation and wildlife monitoring projects in Western Canada. I also ran a range of statistical tests and summaries from simple statistics to complex multivariate analyses, including those for seven 10-years projects with BC Hydro (vegetation and wildlife monitoring), and advised other consultants and researchers about study designs, sampling plans and statistical analyses. I edited previous reports and wrote coauthored documents. I also participated to several months of surveys and studies of fish communities, including sampling of fish with snorkel surveys, seining, electrofishing and/or using minnow-traps and gill nets in various lakes and rivers across Quebec province. Specialties Manage large databases, conduct simple to complex statistical analyses, build sound study designs, fisheries field work, write report