dana runimas-plazyk

I believe visibility is the driving force behind business success, so I create marketing solutions that work in today's marketplace. I effectively design large and small scope campaigns that integrate traditional marketing, local search and digitalsocial media, resulting higher visibility, and contributing to the bottom line. I bring experience, creativity and continuous knowledge to the table. I am results oriented, consistently delivering above average open rates and engagement. I also have almost million views on YouTube. The scope of my knowledge includes BB, BC, niche marketing, brand identity and expansion, product development and positioning, market research and targeting, and ROI. I can leverage the process by the use of online, digital, social and offline marketing through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and through local search, such as Google and Bing. I specialize in cross-channel marketing, or knowing how to strategically design and deploy multi-platform campaigns that utilize SEO and SEM. I can optimize e-commerce and direct mail with a creative twist. My hands-on experience includes website and blog concept and development, content development and optimization, video production and optimization, online and offline corporate communications and development of collateral material, customer relationship management through tools and techniques such as email campaigns, mobile campaigns and database management, and Google Analytics and other metrics. In addition, I love public speaking and putting presentations together, I am bilingual (EnglishSpanish) and can implement campaigns in both languages. I also use Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite and WordPress, among other creative software. Specialties Marketing and social media integration, mobile marketing, advertising, sales promotion, communication, branding and identity, effective visibility campaigns.