corinne eckel

In a time where small companies are trying to gain better traction online, a consultant like myself is the perfect addition to your team. Need a website? I can do that. I have 15+ years of experience as a Software Engineer primarily working with start-ups. I have a breadth of expertise, from working with databases to designing the UI to the actual implementation and testing. Need Social Media integration but unsure where to start? I can educate your company on Social Media fundamentals. I can work with you on your strategy and goals. I can manage the communication stream and your Social Media channels. I have the intuitive and practical knowledge to help you use your time efficiently and successfully. Need technical advice on managing projects within a non-technical company? Often companies have websites, blogs and social media channels but they lack a point person to manage the incoming requests and initiatives. Time and money are lost and nothing gets done. Working with your company I can manage these requests, evaluate their effectiveness, implement the changes and ensure the project is completed. Specialties HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Flash, DHTML, Ajax, JSON, SQL, Blogger, WordPress, various CMS (Content Management Systems) experience, project management, 3rd party integration.