cindy rodriguez

Cindy Y. Rodriguez was the first of her Peruvian family to be born in the United States. Since birth she’s lived in West New York, NJ, which is right on the Hudson River, across from New York City. She’s grown up with an intimate knowledge of The Big Apple” yet she’s found the time to go back home to Lima every year—sometimes twice. She seeks out local Peruvian culture wherever possible in an effort to remain connected to her heritage. As a Peruvian living in America she finds it a joy to offer her perspective to those that have adopted Peru as their homeland. Cindy graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a degree in Journalism and Spanish, and has been blazing a trail for herself in media ever since. Her freelance career has included production work for NBC, public relations for the NFL, event coordination for, online production for American Express publishing, and an ongoing stint as a contributing editor to the travel website She is clearly a dedicated media junkie, but still has plenty of spare time to indulge in several hobbies. There are, of course, the routine – yoga, hiking and playing with her dog, Stewie. When the timing is right, she loves nothing more than exploring the third rock from the sun...she’s seen much of Europe, Mexico, and even Australia. But, of course, she can’t just pack up and leave whenever the mood strikes. So lately, to satiate her urge for travel and exploration, she’s set out to discover the neighborhoods of New York City one subway stop at a time. Specialties CMS • HTML/CSS • Photoshop • Dreamweaver • Movable Type • Quark XPress • InDesign CS3