chuck dodge

Chuck Dodge as Mr. Enthusiasm is an Inspirational Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Guest Speaker and Emcee from Mid-Michigan. Chuck inspires audiences around the USA with is 'Making The Connection' inspirational keynote speech. Contact Chuck today! LET CHUCKS INSPIRATION RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL Chuck Dodge is dedicated to helping individuals release potential that has laid dormant. It is our conviction that every human being is divinely endowed with special gifts - one's own unique music. It is that music Oliver Wendall Holmes, the great supreme court justice and philosopher, refers to in his quote - "One of the greatest tragedies in our times is that most people die with their music still in them." HIRE CHUCK FOR A SPECIAL EVENT Do you know anyone planning a non-profit event, student assembly, rally, cruise, faculty event, sales seminar, media engagement, senior citizen gathering, training session, office meeting, business engagement or any event that needs a keynote speaker? Please contact Chuck Dodge to discuss details and how you want his presentation catered to your needs. Thank you and we look forward to working with you real soon. AN EMOTIONAL IMPACT THAT CREATES CHANGE When you here Chuck Speak you will swear he is catering his speech just to you and that the rest of the group is just there listening to the Chuck as he guides you on becoming a better person in life. He inspires audiences and has them laughing one moment and close to tears in the next. It is this emotion that only Chuck can bring to an audience of any size or demographic. Please consider booking Chuck for your next event. Specialties "Chuck Dodge is a very committed public speaker, consultant and seminar facilitator. His style of presenting is balanced, motivating and humorous, filled with principles that can enhance individual lives. His enthusiasm is contagious and his training is structured to help make teams blend their differences resulting in increased productivity and harmony." Al Arens, President Life Enhancing Programs, LLC