chris wright
Male, 50 years old

Christopher Wright is a subject-matter expert in the field of 1:1 digital printing and on-demand web-to-print solutions. A highly-successful sales and marketing professional, Wright has the unique perspective of working on all three sides of the business over the past 12 years – as an ad agency executive, Director of Marketing Communications, and Director of Sales for a leading Marketing Services Provider. Wright’s first foray into the web-to-print arena came as Director of Marketing Communications in 2003, wherein he sought a partner to build a ground-breaking on-demand co-op marketing solution for a network of 250+ value-added resellers. The solution would not only be published as a best-practice case study, but it is still in full effect today, six years after it was launched. Additional solutions Wright helped to conceive, sell and build include a web-to-print portal for 1,200 GNC franchise stores, 2,500 CitiFinancial branches, and for the largest commercial real estate company in NYC, Massey Knakal Realty Services. Further nationally recognized accounts have included on-demand product brochures for BOSE Corporation and thousands of daily on-demand greeting cards for and Hallmark Business Expressions. Specialties 1:1 Digital Printing, On-Demand Web-to-Print Solutions