chris steck

- Seasoned technologist with hands-on experience in all aspects of the software lifecycle necessary to manage incubation of an idea from concept to product - Pragmatic visionary who not only sees trends early on and envisions new products, but has the discipline to evaluate opportunities in the context of the company’s strategy and ability to execute - Strategic Leader who knows any strategy is only as good as its execution, and lays out a clear and actionable plan for the organization to get from here to there - Intuitive Learner who comes up to speed quickly to add value almost immediately - Change agent who is not afraid to identify corporate-level problems then work tirelessly with executive stakeholders to drive consensus and manage change - Influential Evangelist who moves industries and standards through demonstrated thought leadership Specialties Technology Strategy, Standardization, Product Management, Structured Discovery, Innovation Strategy, Tech Evangelism, Program Management, Requirements Gathering, IPR Due Diligence, Software Design, Software Architecture, Customer Research, Mobile Apps & OS, Digital Media, Software Development, Industry Analysis