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Chris Pirillo has been working in the content publishing industry since . He launched his first company, LockerGnome, to provide practical technology knowledge to millions shortly after attaining a degree in English Education. Not long thereafter, he became an expert in growing online communities a skill that has served him well as the Internet has evolved. Hes hosted television programs, conferences, and radio shows frequently called upon by media outlets to help translate geek into something everybody can understand. Today, Chris helps drive businesses and entrepreneurs forward by providing insight and guidance through speaking engagements, consulting arrangements, and coaching endeavors with intelligence that further enables personal and corporate brands to better engage their existing or intended audiences. His experience has preceded a dominant social media presence, giving him an edge over most working to help others achieve their goals. From creating compelling content to fostering community building to implementing winning social media strategies, Chris Pirillo has been there and done that and continues to help others do the same for themselves. He loves to help people spread the word about their projects and ventures. Chris Pirillo is a personality in whom tech enthusiasts trust to answer questions and lead discussions. From his self-inspired cartoon logo to his real face on international TV, Chriss ongoing efforts have provided timely, accurate, and reliable information to the mass market. His approachability, undeniable spirit, and candor have drawn hundreds of thousands of persons to follow him and his recommendations. Chris understands that valid communication is fostered through interpersonal connections. As such, he is ready to leverage his skills, connections, and widespread recognition to help those in need of the unique assistance he can provide. He is never short of ideas. Specialties Brainstorming, Monetizing, Consulting, Creating, Speaking, Entertaining,

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christopher j pirillo

christopher joseph pirillo