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I was placed on this earth to learn, make people smile, and solve problems. I'm tormented by the need to create things from nothing to something. Plain and simple Entrepreneurship, especially in the tech space, is that vessel that allows me to do that. Entrepreneurship, the word that I somehow quickly figured out how to spell, is undeniably my calling in life. I once thought it was because I could potentially become a multi-millionaire or greater, but I quickly realized that this wasn't the case. I don't have that typical lemonade stand story, in fact, I don't think I truly knew of the word entrepreneur until I was in college. Over the year's, I have come to realize that the things I love most about entrepreneurship are that being one means that you are the catalyst that can move society forward. It is one of the best ways to rally people together in creating social good in the world Most of all, the journey along the way, although rough, are some of the must fulfilling any person can experience. To do or create something that hasn't been done before, to continually push the needle, to help change the way people live their lives for the better are all reasons why being an entrepreneur is the best occupation in the world. I consider myself an "Idea Fuser" who sees opportunity in things through association. This Harvard Business Review article pretty much describes how my brain works httpbit.lyJfgRXY Specialties Market Trend Analysis, Website Project Management, Business Strategy, Creative Direction Marketing, Customer Support.