bryan starbuck
Male, 45 years old

We are a software engineering firm for startups and mid-sized companies. We are high quality, cost efficient and we handle the fast execution and agility that early stage startups need. Our specialization is first in Ruby on rails (followed by ScalaPlay). Startups need to be able to call their engineers in the same timezone, work with people who have worked in the Seattle or Bay Area startup communities and can handle what is needed for the fastest moving startups. I'm studying BitCoin engineering heavily. This includes creating new crypto-currencies and non-currency features over cryptocurrency structures (block-chain, etc.). I have a hobby of studying academic economics and philosophy. Former CEO and founder of TalentSpring, Inc. until its acquisition in . Former VP of Product Management at Talent Technologies. My passion is creating a vision to bring significant change to a big market, and then building out the team to turn the vision into a profitable company. I value getting an innovative strategic advantage, and then focusing on execution and operational execution to build a disciplined company. Specialties Leadership, Marketing in internet companies, Ruby on rails, Product Management, SaaS, buildinggrowing software companies, engineering, product UI design, machine learning, data mining, semantic search, online marketing, branding, enterprise sales, web services, entrepreneurship, recruiting industry.