brian casel
Male, 35 years old

I am a web and product designer, specializing in front-end web design, mobile web design, user interface and user experience. My company,, offers web design and consultation services to companies startups. My book, Design For Conversions, helps founders design a more effective marketing website their product. More info at httpcasjam.combook In addition to consulting, we also run a few products Restaurant Engine ( and Hotel Propeller ( - Web design products focused on the hospitality industry. All inclusive, web design service built on WordPress. Hosting, mobile, and full support included. SweetProcess ( - Co-founder - App designed to help businesses document their standard operating procedures. I am also a regular contributor to various sites including Mashable, Web Designer Depot, FreelanceSwitch, and others. I attend and speak at local design, tech, and entrepreneurship meet ups in the Fairfield County CT area.