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User-experience specialist with expertise in making web applications and websites more user-friendly and results-focused. Eight years experience in matching business goals to user needs and expectations, through better interfaces and organization. I help you identify and bridge the gaps that can crop up between what you build and what your users expect and need. Development of User-centered strategies for teams and projects - UCD Strategy A user-centered framework for the entire software development cycle improves ROI by every measure - UX Strategy Knowing how users work and think lets you match your interfaces and workflow to their expectations and keep them in the zone. - User Research Knowing your user means knowing how best to design your interface and how to improve the user's experience. Areas of Focus Usability assessments, interface testing, user workflow discovery and mapping, user research, UX for agile teams, and UX training for developers, product owners, business analysts, and project managers. AccessibilitySection testing for Federal Reserve websites and applications. Skills User research, focus groups, JAD sessions, contextual interviewing, consulting, user-centered design, mental models, personas, information architecture, user stories, use cases, and user testing. Agile project team experience. Excellent client skills and people skills. Five years experience teaching and training management and development staff in user-centered design. Accessibility and Section testing for websites and applications.