barbara henry

I am the Founder and President of RaineBoe Productions Publishing Company,which was created to publish my books,the first of which is 'JournalingTwenty Plus Reasons Why You Should Start Now,' the second book, published in early , is entitled 'Coming Full Circle, Poems, prayers,quotes,promoting hope,faith and personal growth' other information products,blogs, articles,etc., are also published by the founder who is also an inspirational speaker. It is my goal to continue the pursuit of my writing career by writing and successfully publishing a book every other year on some aspect of personal development,self-help or spirituality. I am also a professional inspirational speaker who addresses leadership skills, and the personal empowerment of youths,among other self-growth and personal development topics. Specialties Published authorinspirational speaker, of Non- fiction books and poems on personal development,self-help,and spirituality. Business consultant who assists friends and other clients in clarifying as well as determining the viability and marketability of their small business ideas.