avinash joshi

• Seasoned Professional: 10+ years of broad cross functional experience in Systems Engineering, R&D, Project Management, Personnel Management, Product Marketing and Software Development. • Prolific Innovator: Author of several patents (30+ granted, several more pending) in the field of Wireless Networks. Some of these patents are fundamental to mesh, Ad Hoc and Wireless LAN networking. • Wireless Expert: Inventor of Mesh Scalable Routing (MSR) – default routing protocol in all Motorola Mesh Products that directly motivated Motorola’s $300M+ acquisition of MeshNetworks Inc. Expert in the field of Mesh, Wireless LAN and IP Networking, Layer 2 and Layer 3 Routing Protocols. • Standards Player: Extensive knowledge of standardization process. Played several roles in IEEE 802.11s - from individual contributor and consensus builder to Technical Editor and Chair of Comment Resolution Committee. • Positive Leader: Successful in building, retaining and managing a high caliber technical team and working across geographic boundaries and time zones. Proven ability to collaborate across functions including engineering, sales, outbound marketing, customer advocacy, manufacturing and operations. Specialties System architecture, wireless protocols, mesh networks, Wireless Lan (Wi-Fi), IEEE 802 standards development, Media Access Control algorithms, Routing Protocols, complex data analysis, Simulations ns-2, OPNET, IP/patents, algorithm design