annette rugolo

As Vice President of Marie Diamond International, I am dedicated to supporting the vision of Marie Diamond in creating an enlightened world. Marie Diamond, a transformational world leader, has created methods and techniques that create fast transformation in both the inner and out environments. As VP, I have assisted in creating the structure for the company, organized manuals and have been involved in the training and development of the company's instructors. Traveling throughout the United States, Canada and England as Marie Diamond's Master instructor, I have taught her advanced meditation and dowsing seminars. Since meeting Marie in 2002, I have incorporated her transformational methods in both my professional and personal life as a teacher, speaker and mentor. The knowledge and techniques I provide my clients help them transform their lives and align with their life's purpose in a fast, efficient way. My specialties include the ability to clear negative energy both within the environment and within individual energy fields. I have the ability to see and feel energy and have learned how to release and transmute negative energy to create balance and harmony within and around the individuals I work with. I look forward to working with you. Sincerely, Annette Rugolo Newbury Park, CA Direct: 760-331-7657 Skype: arugolo Specialties Dowsing Dowsing Instructor Mentoring Training Speaking Writing Energy Clearing Transformational Tools Enlightened Life Enlightened Spaces