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Annette Haven

Petaluma, California

Also known as: annettehaven

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Yes, this is the real me, Annette Haven, from Adult films since 1973.I can't believe I have to say that, but there are persons, pretending to be me here, and on other venues. My snail mail and real site are here. My real site is AnnetteHaven.biz If I like you, you become a personal friend, (do not mistake that for the present prostitution in the biz) I'm only looking at my wall for now, answering too much mail injured the rotor cuff in my right shoulder. So, messages aren't being answered right now, or email. If you want me to look, let me know on my wall. It's just easier to get to know me so I can give you my phone number. I am a phone person. You are required to use mannners on my wall. Any acting out and I will boot you immediately. I have no patience with my time being wasted. If you want to do a polemic, use your own wall. If you watch too much biased and inaccurate, news and want to rant, go away,and do it on your wall. I run a G rated wall. I expect you to respect it. I really appreciate persons with an even temperament who can discuss intellectual matters, and do so in a fashion that is complementary to themselves and to others. I have become world famous for doing the only Adult Films to not show degradation or violence to women. I am the only one, unfortunately. I have awards, I am a member of 3 different Halls of Fame. I have been declared a Legend. My award was given out at the first Legend awards in 1997 and the medal reads number 1. John Holmes was given his own, separate from everyone else, Legend award. My hand prints are in concrete in Las Vegas, in a museum, or at least it was supposed to be a museum. My films are being used in colleges with which to educate. If you take a sexual deviance class in police academy I will be represented as the positive side of the adult film business. I did films, did Production Management for Swedish Erotica for loops for Northern California for 3 years, and wrote informational columns for four magazines. I wrote, starred, produced, DP'd, and directed my own film in 1977, ONCE UPON A TIME SHE WAS, in the film release, and, CAVE WOMEN, in the video release. Two months later I starred in LOVE YOU for John Derek. I sang in the film and wrote the lyrics to the song. I was in slot number 14 in Variety magaxine's 50 top grossing films in the US, in 1977 in July. To give you some idea, Mel Brooks,Young Frankenstein, was in slot 17. I was rather amazed when it was shown to me. Variety magazine stopped running X rated films on their top 50 grossing film list a very short time later, my films were there, and others were incoming.The time of the one hit wonder was over. Hollywood has always been upset by the X rated business making better box office receipts. I did Playboy in 1976 without my name with Paul Thomas & Linda Wong, and Playboy in 1977 with my name. I did one shoot that appeared in Oui magazine, it was originally for Penthouse. I had been all over the adult magazines that were smaller than these, for many years, and for many years after, with them giving me awards. Bruce Williamson, Playboy's film critic, at one point called me ubiquitous.... Lol. I was in a number of major films for quite a number of years. Degradation in shooting is simply not necessary. I produced and directed, (and a lot of other things,) a 35mm film in 1977, that had none of the normal bad taste shots, and it made money. My point was made by the box office. That film made at least a 2 to 1 return on its investment. I was shooting on a 1.5 to 1 ratio. While, I did the DP work. I had to take over the work of framing and calling the shots and lenses from my camera man because he wanted to shoot it in the conventional, and very bad taste manner, that everyone else used. That's not happening while I am running the show. Smile.... I have dealt with illness since I was 2, which has affected the amount of work I have done, and am doing. They found a remedy ( a control, antibiotics,) for my rare condition, and are trying to cure me. That's as much as I will say, as it is private. Suffice it to say that I deal with pain every day of my life. It's not going to stop me from creating. I worked, and did all my films , while I was ill. You can't tell because I am acting. TY so much for your sympathy. It's the cause of the limited number of films, and stage performances, etc, compared to my contemporaries output. I had my own stage show from 1977 until 1994. I sing with canned music, some originals, I dance, which includes a very straight striptease, no floor work, no twerking of any kind. Then, I speak with the audience for up to 45 minutes or more. I am slowly working on my first expository book, my bio. I've been writing poetry again. (I have my whole life.) I'm putting some up. This is helping me to segue to the more difficult task of describing my life and film career, some of which is painful and hard to write. I grew up fast, left home at sixteen, sent my ex-husband home to his mother at 18, and was in business for myself by 19.I credit my ability to stick to my guns, to my ethics, and to my very strong mother. I have recently been interviewed as one of the 20 most prominent persons in my business, what I once called the Adult Film Industry, (it really is porno now,) this is 30 years after my retiring. It should be out on Showtime in March. At least, that is the projected date. I will keep you updated. I will be writing and criticizing any entity trying to price gouge or cheat the US public, or world, for the next 50 years. It is my very great privilege and pleasure to do so. While I'm at it, I would love to see some good sexual role modeling in Hollywood, in the present X film business, and education on human sexuality in our schools. please pass that on, thank you. The only other places to find the real me: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Annette-Haven/76617821987 (this is my pro page here on Face Book.) https://plus.google.com/u/0/116043963194984229213/posts?hl=en_GB http://annettehaven.biz/ (My real site that I need to recode.) http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/annettehaven (This is Tumblr which allows me to post to Fb, Twitter, and Tumblr simultaneously. ) https://twitter.com/#!/AnnetHaven My G+ page https://plus.google.com/116043963194984229213/posts My G+ Human Sexuality Page https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/104322396363298077894/ Here's a lexicon of handy abbreviations I use. SSB = Sit down, Shut up, and Behave yourself. Delivered to a harassing jerk in a restaurant in London. He had been bothering my g/f's and had driven them out, two adult business women. I took them back in. Some people don't know when to shut it! RTM = read the manual before asking others. TG = Thank God Twinkies = people who seem very sweet, and then later on turn extraodinarily stale and have to go. Please use proper conduct at all times.there are also trolls, people counters, haters, & a variety of other sorts of people. TY = thank you Biz = the adult film industry as it was in the past, and as it is now. Life Sculpture = when you are looking at something so extraordinary, you can freeze frame it, and use it as a piece of sculpture because it is so extraordinary and weird. POV = Point of view, a film term. MOS = without sound, a film term. PD = personality disorder, a psychology term.

Annette Haven

Elmhurst, NY

Annette Haven lives in Elmhurst, NY.

Annette Haven

Inverness, FL

Annette Haven lives in Inverness, Florida.

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