adam sternberg
Male, 108 years old

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am the owner of one of the most advanced Internet marketing companies in the world, the Millionaire Marketing Group. I have been working in Internet marketing for over ten years and I am also a nationally recognized public speaker teaching high-end sales and Internet marketing seminars. I have been featured on ABC News 20/20, Playboy Magazine, XM Satellite Radio, the Las Vegas Business Press, CityLife Magazine, and am a frequent guest on many national television and radio shows. I am the co-creator of the MySpace Profit Maker and Instant Store Builder programs with my good friend and eBay expert Adam Ginsberg. I am also an accomplished professional photographer having shot everything from models and products in-studio to shoots to on-location in the craziest of places. I have managed red-carpet shoots, photographed jewelry for a clothing store, and even shot over 300 wrestling matches in one day at a tournament in Las Vegas. If you name it, I?ve photographed it. ( am happily married for almost 5 years to my wonderful wife Bethany and we live with our three greyhounds, Tyler, Kiko, and Reza.